Socar Turkey

SOCAR Turkey Enerji A.Ş. (STEAŞ)

Investments and Future Projections

SOCAR Turkey Enerji A.Ş. is the most important representative of the ever-reinforcing economic collaboration between Azerbaijan and Turkey. Being one of the most powerful global oil companies, State Oil Company of Azerbaijan – SOCAR has been carrying out its activities in Turkey under the name of SOCAR Turkey Enerji A.S. since May 30th, 2012.

SOCAR Turkey has been implementing many projects to help reinforcing economic relations between two sister countries, Turkey and Azerbaijan, by rooting for the vision of the deceased President and founder of Modern Azerbaijan Republic Haydar Aliyev “One Nation, Two States”. More friendly bridges are built between these two countries every passing year.

‘Value-Site’ 2023 Vision for a bright future...

SOCAR Turkey is committed to implement its strategic plans and new investments in PETKİM Peninsula. With its ‘Value-Site’ 2023 vision, the company realizes an integration of “Refinery-Petro chemistry-Energy-Logistics-Distribution” on PETKIM Peninsula. In addition, within the scope of a clustering model, SOCAR Turkey aims at making PETKIM Peninsula the largest production centre in Europe by implementing an added value chain starting with crude oil and finishing off with the end products and by reducing dependence of exports.

SOCAR Turkey will make PETKIM Peninsula the first-ever Chemical Industrial Park in Turkey in the Republic’s centennial and increase competitiveness of the Turkish petro-chemistry industry. Petkim ‘Value-Site’ 2023 vision encompasses the largest scaled investments in the history of Turkish Republic. As Turkey’s first private sector-owned refinery – STAR Refinery – starts producing which will lead the way of SOCAR Turkey’s future projections on PETKIM Peninsula and secure raw materials, our country will save billions of dollars with products supplied by importation. Having a production capacity of 10 million tons, STAR refinery will increase competitive advantage and contribute to the national economy.

Being the core of ‘Value-Site’ 2023 vision, Petkim is proud to lead hundreds of industrial enterprises as it celebrates 50th year of foundation.

We have strong belief for big goals!

As SOCAR Turkey is taking firm steps in achieving these goals, it also takes as its duty to reinforce and add maximum value to economic relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Our mission;

Benefiting from our experience of over a century in energy industry, our mission is to be a company which; 

• Respects humans and environment
• Adds value to its business partners, employees and other stakeholders
• Positions itself in a competitive and sustainable structure based on integration.

Our vision;

Become the largest solution partner of energy’s rising star Turkey.

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